AI will Probably Take Your Job, but It will Give You a NEW ONE

Machines are inseparable part of our life. We can not possibly fathom, the way it affects everything. It has only been one and a half century of rapid objective societal development(thanks to capitalism) through industrialization and we clearly do not need to look back. (My liberal mind argues a lot here - if there were some universal basic income and everyone did super cool interesting stuff, inclusive growth and income inequality, but real world doesn’t work that way and to shut off something only because of its negatives will be a mistake. The world hasn’t found any alternative to capitalism and thank God there hasn’t been any ‘1984- George Orwell scared the shit out of everyone- anyway, i would let go the pop culture. Getting old and stuff! Sorry. straying away from the subject line.. my bad. Back to future! )

Now, what next in the twenty first century? Well, if AI gets deployed and if it is an integral part of our work, we can achieve a whole new level of productivity. OMG!! Robots are coming for you. It is judgement day, 2001: A Space Odyssey, machines beating humans in all games, machines doing talk show — all sorts of hyped up stuff. Well, they are machines! They will always be better than humans. But it is about ‘Tech + human’ rather ‘Tech v humans’. The former is already helping us tremendously to achieve results faster. One of the inherent consequences of employing automation and superior tech is that it will replace the old. It is inevitable. But there can be a segregation between the tasks of people and machines. People are good at emotive capability, critical thinking, improvisation, generalization, producing the stereotypical societal judgement and stuff like that. You know better. Life! Machines are good at memory, transaction, prediction. So it is seldom in reality about the binary survivor rather a collaborative way of complementing each other and achieve super-productivity.

The Rise of unprecedented job roles:

In the market, there has been a precedence of giving immaculate consideration of unprecedented type of job roles, such as personality trainer(people figuring out replies about the firms services in chat box in their website; they have back ground not necessarily in tech but in psychology, humanity, literature), explainer (AI detective — With the help of AI algorithm, when there is a shift in data pattern, colleagues in other functions get notified or explained- There has been a big shift in Europe with GDPR coming into effect. There has been a need of 75000 data officers!) and sustainer ( AI Safety Engineers :they validate the dilemma of AI and algorithmic decisions in an ethical way- the trade off between good for business and good for society. You need someone to pull the plug when a bot hacks itself and does all sorts of crazy stuff!)

What companies/people will need to develop to remain employable or to use these machines more effectively:

The biggest losers will be the companies/people who are not thinking about AI. People should lower the barrier of using AI. It is not rocket science. Like any industry, the one type will create and other will consume. And, the consumers are in every industry. AI is almost on the verge of getting democratized( like the MS Excel, power point). One company that is already doing this is AT&T. They are providing the AI point and click tools in tablets and desktops to the sales executives calling — So, when they are doing the calling they are getting the high end customer interactive resources, which get them to communicate and connect to the customers in whole new way. There is a lot of scope and way forward between the cross of human skills and machine skills — like judgement integration (In wealth management AI providing the services to the customers of bank. )Advanced analytics in hiring (resume elimination through algorithm to find the right fit for the job, video analysis of facial expressions of the candidates to gauge the comfort level, confidence. It gets the companies more data points. — Unilever reduced the recruitment time from four month to one month).

Will every industry really be affected or is it just another tech hype?

There can not be a just accurate answer to this. It will vary from industry to industry and from country to country (France is doing a whole lot of work on healthcare, mobility and transportation ). The more regulatory and cautious industry will take its time. In some industries, it is already there for quite some time: high speed trading algorithms are already there in Walls Street for decades helping the shops. But, with this deep learning customer interactive technique, you will be able to make understand the customer about intuitional investments and transactions. So, it is going to impact every industry sooner or later!

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